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A Step-by-Step Guide to Sell a Home in McDonough, GA

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sell a Home in McDonough, GA

As every homeowner is well-aware, the home is likely to be anyone’s largest and most expensive asset. When an individual decides to sell a home in McDonough, GA, it is critical that they are able to do so quickly and to get top dollar for the home. 

But how can you ensure that you can do that? How can you feel rest assured that you will not be dealing with a home on the real estate market for months at a time? The easiest way – work with a real estate agent who has the necessary knowledge, experience, and insider information to get the job done right. 

Our real estate agents in McDonough, GA, at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox will work diligently to ensure that your home sells fast and you get the highest price possible. We are also committed to making sure you have all the information you need to get through the home selling process smoothly. That is why we are offering you our step-by-step guide for selling a home in McDonough.

This guide will teach you to protect and capitalize on your largest and most important investment. It will give you the techniques needed to reduce stress during the home selling process, stay in control of the situation, and sell a home fast. And, best of all, this information is 100% FREE!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sell a Home in McDonough, GA

What’s Your Motivation to Sell a Home in McDonough?

Just as an actor needs to know the motivation for his character’s actions and words, so too should you be aware of your own motivation for selling a home in McDonough. It will be one of the determining factors as far as your approach to selling a home as well as the amount of energy you invest in the home selling process. 

From setting an asking price to investing in home improvements to help the home sale, the motivation for selling a home will affect the overall process. You can find out more in our special FREE report about the ways to sell your home for more in McDonough!

Why Sell a Home Fast?

The need to sell a home quickly in McDonough, GA, can be based on a number of reasons. These include:

  • Transferring to a new job
  • Trading up to a bigger house
  • Needing to downsize
  • Looking for a lower mortgage payment 
  • Avoiding getting stuck with two homes
  • Changing location or neighborhood
  • Needing to be closer to family or medical facilities
  • Getting a divorce

All of these reasons (or your specific personal reason) are completely legitimate, but they should most certainly be kept to yourself. Your motivation for selling a home should only be discussed with your family and your real estate agent. This information could be the leverage a home buyer needs to get you to access a low offer or to reduce your asking price.

Why Can’t You Share Your McDonough, GA, Home Selling Motivation?

Your home selling motivation is something that should most certainly not be shared with potential home buyers or their real estate agents. This can affect how you are able to negotiate its sale. The last thing you want is to be at a disadvantage during the negotiation process.

If a home buyer should happen to ask why you are selling your home, it is best to be vague. Simply replying that your housing requirements have changed is more than sufficient and will safeguard you during negotiations.

Even when your motivation is one of the reasons we have listed above, it could still be detrimental to your ability to sell a home fast and for top dollar. We will discuss each of these reasons in detail below.

Transferring to a New Job

Many people have had to move to a new geographical location after getting a new job. While this is a harmless and valid reason for needing to sell a home fast, it is not something you should tell a potential home buyer. Thinking that you are in desperate need to sell will give them the opportunity to submit a lowball offer.

Trading up to Bigger Home

Do you think your home is too small? This could happen for a variety of reasons, and it would have nothing to do with the size of the home being perfect for a home buyer’s new living situation. 

Whether you need a bigger home because you are expanding your family or want to have a home office or any other reason, the home buyer could use this information to their advantage in the negotiations. They could also reconsider buying a home because they may begin to question whether the house is too small for them too. 

Check out this new report about our Moving Up Guarantee to find out more about how to move up to a bigger home with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox in McDonough.

Needing to Downsize

From Empty Nesters to those going through a divorce, there are many reasons why individuals may feel the need to downsize to a small home in McDonough. Again, these are all valid reasons, but they should not be told to potential home buyers.

Looking for a Lower Mortgage Payment

One of the most important aspects of selling a home is having a clear understanding of what your home is worth before you actually put the home on the real estate market. 

If a potential home buyer finds out the price you paid for the home and compares it to your current listing price, they may believe you are overpricing the house. If the reason that you are selling is because you want a lower mortgage payment, that may also convince home buyers that they are unwilling to pay that amount either.

Avoiding Getting Stuck with Two Homes 

One of the worst things that could happen when selling a home and buying a home at the same time is the dreaded “Real Estate Catch-22.” Many home sellers will use the funds to purchase a new home, but if you have already bought a new home without having sold the original one, you may end up with two homes.

Home buyers are likely aware of that fact, and, if they sense that you are desperate to sell a home because of the catch-22, they may try to make a lowball offer out of your desperation to avoid the two home situation.

That is why we have developed the guaranteed home sale program in order to keep this from happening to you. 

Changing Location or Neighborhood

Wanting to move to a new location or get a change of scenery is a reasonable need for selling a home. However, that information could give potential home buyers the thought that they may have reason to not buy a home in McDonough. Is there something wrong with the area or neighborhood? Will it be dangerous for their family? It could certainly derail the home sale.

Needing to Be Closer to Family or Medical Facilities

Medical conditions and family matters are no one’s business but your own, and it is important to make sure that your home buyers do not know the reasons. This is especially true in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Home buyers may believe that living in the home may cause their family to become sick, even if the medical issues have nothing to do with COVID or any other contagious diseases. Again, this is none of your home buyer’s business, so be sure to remain vague about your motivation. 

Research the Right Selling Price for Your Home in McDonough, GA

Setting the right asking price is a critical step in the home selling process because it could be the make or break factor of the entire process. Home buyers should be aware of the absolute maximum they should have to pay for the home, and you want it to be as close to the list price as possible. 

If you start with an asking price that is too high, it could have serious repercussions. Home buyers and their real estate agents may not take you seriously. A price that is too low could make home buyers wonder if there is something wrong with it, or they will take advantage of it and get a great deal on the sale of your home.

Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox in McDonough, GA, are happy to protect you with our many seller satisfaction guarantees.

Your Home’s Location Could Affect the Asking Price

Several different geographical locations of your home in McDonough, GA, could affect the asking price you would be able to set in the real estate listings. Obviously, you want to sell a home fast and for top dollar, so be sure that you are aware of how the location can affect it. Also, make sure you know what the homes in your area sold for to give you an idea of the proper listing price.

Living in a Subdivision

A home located in a subdivision could present issues with the asking price because home buyers can easily look at recent sales in your neighborhood. Without knowing if there are any upgrades in your home or serious differentiations from your home to the others, home buyers may be reluctant to pay your asking price.

With the assumption that your home is like the others, they may not be able to understand why you are asking for so much more than the others are worth. 

Living in an Older Neighborhood

Getting a comparable price for the asking price of your home may be difficult if you live in an older neighborhood because of the substantial differences in the homes. It is best to seek the advice of an expert real estate agent such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox to help with setting an asking price.

Selling a Home in McDonough on Your Own

Some homeowners decide to take a crack at selling a home on their own without fully understanding what is involved in that process. It is challenging to price your home to sell fast without the resources of an experienced real estate agent. 

The best way to ensure you are asking fair market value for your home in McDonough, GA, is to check what other homes in the area have recently sold for in the last 6 months. Prospective home buyers will be doing the same thing.

Another way is to check City Hall for comparable home sale information in its public records. Be sure to read this latest report, How To Sell Your Home Without An Agent And Save The Commission!, to get the complete picture of selling a home on your own.

Get Some Home Shopping Done Too

If you truly want to know what your competition is doing and how they are succeeding, the best way is to go find out. Go to other home sellers’ open houses and discover what it is that turns a home buyer on or off. Be sure to check out things like:

  • Floor plans
  • Condition of the home
  • The appearance
  • Size of the lot
  • Location
  • Extra features

Also, take note of the asking price versus what they eventually sell for – you may be surprised by the end result. Be sure you are not pricing your home higher than your neighbor’s home unless it is actually worth it.

Make the Right Choice When Choosing a Realtor in McDonough

Choosing a realtor is an important decision in the home selling process because it may be the reason you are able to sell a home fast or it sits on the market for months. Be sure to read about real estate agent selection factors when interviewing potential real estate agents. We are confident you will find that the best real estate agency to sell a home is Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox in McDonough.

When surveyed by The National Association of Realtors, ⅔ of individuals who sold their homes on their own said that they would not likely repeat that decision. Their reasons included:

  • Setting a price
  • Marketing handicaps
  • Liability concerns
  • Time constraints 

When you work with our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox, you can rest assured that you will not have any of these problems. Feel free to ask us any and all of the questions included in this report, Questions Real Estate Agents Hate, because we would love to answer them!

Why Choose the Team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox

Our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox are award-winning and have ample experience selling homes in McDonough. We have a proven track record that shows we know how to sell a home fast and get top dollar! We’re not just bragging – it’s the truth.

Check out these stats:

  • We sell houses 3.76% faster than average real estate agents 
  • Our pre-qualified home buyers database has thousands of buyers looking for a home like yours
  • Your home may sell before even listing it on the market

Honestly, you just can’t sell a home in McDonough faster than that! Be sure to use our home evaluation system free of charge to make sure you’re getting everything your home is worth.

Help Your Home Make a Good First Impression

Because appearance is such a critical factor in making a good impression, it is important that your home’s appearance is tip-top. When it is in great shape, you know that you will get more responsive reactions from interested home buyers. The look and feel of your home really have significance.

Remember, your prospective home buyers want to be able to see, hear, feel, and smell their families in that home. If they can, you know you’ve got them past interest and ready to make an offer.

Clean and Fix Everything!

No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, it is important to scrub and fix absolutely everything. You never know what may throw off a sale, so be sure to check anything that seems even a touch out of place. 

Here are some of the top things to put on your to-do list:

  • Declutter
  • Dust like you mean it!
  • Repair squeaks, creaks, and other strange sounds
  • Make minor repairs 
  • Fix or replace cracked mirrors

When a home buyer comes to see the house, you want them to really have to search for any small imperfection in order to find something. That will show them how much you care about impressing them and making the sale. Keep in mind that you are competing with other resale homes and new homes.

Get Rid of Odors

Anything that smells funky needs to go. Your home should smell like everything lovely and welcoming. Even if you do not realize there is an odor, be sure to ask. Our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox will let you know if there are any strange odors that need to be neutralized. 

Things like food, pets, smoking, and other things could easily kill a deal. When a prospective home buyer becomes aware of the fact that you were a smoker or had pets, they will then start searching for smells and stains. Eliminate them before they start asking questions.

Know Your Home Buyer’s Motivation to Sell a Home Fast

Remember how we told you that it was important to keep your home selling motivations to yourself? Well, you should be trying to figure out why a home buyer is motivated to buy a home in McDonough. The more you know about them, the easier (and more advantageous) the negotiations will be for you.

Home buyers are looking to buy quickly and for the least amount of money possible. You have to be the one to control the pace and duration of the negotiations. Finding out their motivations will allow you to negotiate more effectively.

This allows you to control the pace and duration of the process. As a rule, buyers are looking to purchase the best affordable property for the least amount of money. 

Stay in Your McDonough, GA, Home Until It Sells

Studies have shown that it is more difficult to sell a home which has been standing vacant because it looks forgotten, forlorn, and unappealing. Even the best real estate agents in McDonough have a hard time selling a home when the house looks abandoned.

Home buyers will also recognize the eagerness in home sellers who are desperate to sell a home, especially when the house has already been emptied out. That eagerness and desperation could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Be Sure to Find Out a Home Buyer’s Budget and Timeline to Close 

To help you and your real estate agent get an edge at the negotiating table, it is vital to find out a home buyer’s budget and timeline to close. Understanding how much the home buyer is qualified to borrow, including down payment, will make a big difference when discussing the terms of the sale.

A lowball offer may indicate that the home buyer is unable to pay what your home is worth. Additionally, a home buyer’s desire to close at a certain time may actually be a clear need for them to close by then. That could help you further with the negotiations. 

Be sure you are able to stay in control of the time frame and closing terms to avoid any risks. Making the home selling process easier can be done by selling a home in your time frame.

If their offer is low, ask their Real Estate agent about the buyer’s ability to pay what your home is worth.

Stay Calm During Negotiations

It is vital to keep your emotions in check, especially during the negotiation process. That way, you can focus on the sale of your home and the terms that are most important to you rather than any emotions or sentimentality.

It is best to think about the home sale as nothing more than a business transaction throughout the course of the negotiations. If your home buyer allows his emotions to take over, you will most certainly have the upper hand.

How to Deal with a Lowball Offer from a Home Buyer

When you sell a home in McDonough, GA, it is very common that you will start out by getting a low first offer. This will definitely be lower than what you and your home buyer are expecting that he will be paying for it. There are two ways to react:

  • Don’t panic
  • Make a counteroffer

If you are able to follow these simple steps, you will be able to come out on the winning side of the negotiations.

Don’t Panic 

When you get that first low offer, be sure not to panic or take the offer personally. Evaluate whatever is included in the offer and ensure:

  • It spells out the offering price
  • There is a sufficient deposit on the down payment
  • The mortgage amount
  • A closing date
  • Special requests are noted

After you make these evaluations, you will have a solid starting point to work from during the negotiations.

Make a Counteroffer

In most of the negotiation situations, the home buyer and his real estate agent will expect a counteroffer to their lowball initial offer. This counteroffer should be just under your asking price to ensure that it is clear that the initial offer was not taken seriously.

You can now rest assured that you will be dealing with serious offers from serious home buyers, and this will allow you to sell a home fast. If, however, your home does not sell, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox in McDonough, GA, has the solution!

Sell a Home Fast with the Right Listing Price in McDonough

The asking price (and the calculation of that price) is a very serious matter, not a flippant choice, when selling a home. In fact, the number one question our real estate agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox get are how much can I sell my home for and how fast will my house sell?

Feel free to ask our real estate experts to help you calculate the proper asking price for your home and the absolute best way to sell a home fast.

Sell a Home for Cash in McDonough

One of the best ways to sell a home fast and for the highest price possible is by selling a home for cash in McDonough, GA. You can also reap the benefit of buying a new home without the need for new debt.

So, how do you find the home buyers who will pay you cash for the sale of your home? At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Joe Cox in McDonough, we have a list of cash home buyers who are genuinely interested in buying a home for cash. We will match those home buyers with your home instantly.

With our marketing systems and consumer programs, we automatically sift and sort through the most highly qualified home buyers for your home. And don’t worry, we won’t ask you to leave the home unless we are showing it to a legitimately interested home buyer who is ready to buy.

Sell a Home in McDonough Fast with Our Real Estate Team

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